What's it like to be Jeff?

Well, it's pretty excellent, mostly. But I'm only human, and a pretty sensitive one at that. That's pretty common for creative-types. The best part about being me is my family; being a dad is the best. And my wife is a huge RUSH and Star Trek fan, so, you know...winning!


I thought you were a designer, but you seem to write a lot. Sup with that?

I DO like to write, thanks so much for asking! In fact, I'd like to write a lot more, but after spending years trying to make it in the music industry, and then years building a design career, I haven't really figured out how to get paid to write. I mean, I write a TON of stuff that goes into my websites and apps and UX and strategy docs, but that's not the kinda writing I'm talking about. I'm into editorial stuff; opinion, culture, music, memoir, business...so for now I tend to post on Medium, and lately I've been thinking about using my site for a blog. 


Where are you?

Somerville, MA, baby! Right near Union Square, otherwise known as Hipster Central. I'm about a 10 minute bike ride from Cambridge, and about 25 minutes from Boston. Unless I take the T, in which case it's always at least an hour – often more – to get anywhere. But I'm not complaining. I've been in Boston since 1989. My hair was longer then...

Sammy or Dave?



Marvel or DC?