A little bit about me.


I’m a Boston-based designer (service design, UX, visual design) with 15-plus years designing interactive experiences and all kinds of other things.  In my current role as Design Director for Sync Project, I combine my breadth of experience in brand, UX, and product design with my lifelong passion for music.

My career began with the birth of the Internet when I quit my day job as a t-shirt designer, trading in my ink squeegees for a modem. Since then, I’ve worn all manner of hats for some of the biggest global agencies, cranking out hi-tech creative for some of the biggest global brands.

In my time as an agency Creative Director I led UX, visual design, and technology teams though big ol’ complicated projects; major site redesigns, massive online campaigns, video marketing...even a few radio spots. But really, most of my time has been spent just designing and writing – website layouts, app UI’s, content strategies, user experience journeys, video scripts and storyboards, blog posts, articles, and more. Because it’s the Internet, and there’s always more.

As a consultant, I've worked with clients big and small to refine their products and communications, stay in touch with current design trends and tech, and generally promote a more collaborative design approach. I even manage to sneak in some logos and illustration now and then. 

My Boston experience began at Berklee College of Music where I studied bass guitar and songwriting. I’ve provided soundtracks for websites, video, and radio, and my band Hot Knives has even been featured on a couple of recent TV shows. The royalty checks aren’t huge, but they are VERY satisfying. 

When I’m not fussing around in my Mac and guitar strewn office, I can be found fussing around in my garage woodshop, covered in sawdust and building some sort of Useful Thing for my home. 

Basically, I never stop making stuff or thinking about making stuff. It’s a good, creative life and I’m grateful for a chance to share it with friends, family, and like-minded professional conspirators. 

Let's Connect
If you really wanna know more, like where I’m from and what my parents were like and how to play that little lick in that Zeppelin tune you’ve been trying to figure out, you’ll have to get in touch

Experience & Resume
If you just want to read about my fascinating career and how amazingly qualified and talented and yet somehow charmingly humble I am, well, there’s always my LinkedIn profile and this resume right here.

To learn more about way we could work together, read on... 


Ways to Work Together

Product Design, UX, and Visual Prototyping

Native iOS and Android apps, web apps, and now chatbots. Anything interactive that's intended for a specific audience. I excel at quickly defining the audience and goals, then bringing conceptual design into the mix to create engaging experiences. 

Okay, here's what you'll need:

  • An idea (I have some of those, too)
  • Coffee and maybe some snacks
  • That's about it

Everyone talks about these things. I make them happen. Doesn't really matter if you've been there and done it or if it's a brand new process for you; my approach to this stuff is highly collaborative and we will land on solid ground.  

Yeah, but what does that mean?

  • We'll create definition where it's needed 
  • We'll figure out what kind of docs are needed (persona, wireframes, journeys, etc)
  • Everything will be well-written and awesome-looking
  • We'll know why we're designing what and for who
  • Our message and communications will be clear with a branded feel

UX, Strategy, and Content

This whole career thing begins with the simple truth that I love to draw. So, we can do that, too. This is the fun, conceptual stuff that makes a big difference in the real world. 

What kind of stuff?

  • Vector art and logo design
  • Posters and campaign assets
  • Book and album cover art
  • Anything that needs a uniquely human touch


Logo and Illustration

As if it weren't obvious enough, this is my happy place. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, comfortable in most genres. I've got a great home studio where I produce all manner of audio tracks to accompany film, radio, video, and interactive experiences of all types. 

I've posted some music videos on this site; several examples spanning acoustic prog, jazz, and classic heavy metal stomp. Enjoy!

Music and Soundtrack