Jeff Miller

Product Design & Strategy
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Product and Service Design


Whether you're delivering music, clinical data, or pizza, it's got to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand; each interaction a natural extension of our individual real-world experiences.


Lots of new stuff in the works, too – I'll publish here ASAP.


So many websites.

Go ahead.  Ask me how many. 
SO MANY.  Just a few highlights,  more here.

I love it loud.

I've been a KISS fan since I was six years old. 
Needless to say, I'm excited to announce that Epic Rights – the band's licensing agent – has added my art to their collection!
I suppose I should be highlighting my "real" design work and telling you all about what a strategic thinker I am.
But, if you ask me, this is way cooler.  

A few kind words...

For more recommendations, please visit my Linkedin profile.

Jeff is a one-in-a-thousand creative professional. A gifted communicator, designer and consultant, he has an uncanny ability to dive into the heart of a user experience problem, simplify complexity, and then strategically align solutions to organizational brand needs.
— President / Creative Director
Jeff’s ability to execute and communicate at a high level proved to be a great asset to the project and the process. Using a few words to sum it up, Jeff is professional, engaged and collaborative. We highly recommend him.
— Founding Partner
Jeff is a pro. Does what he says he will do and more. Committed team player. Forward-thinking. Effective communicator. He’s a unique combination of art and business.
— President
Jeff is a strong creative leader in multiple realms: art and music direction; but that isn’t half the story. He’s a true leader, innovative in the creation of persona-based web experiences and one of the best conceptual people I’ve worked with.
— VP UX Strategy